Strom.lv is the largest provider of Latvian wooden craftwork.

Many of our craftsmen have been woodworking more than 30 years using exactly Latvian wood such as oak, ash tree, red elm, alder, linden, birch, plum tree, cherry tree and apple tree. When making more unusual and complex items craftsmen in turn use nut tree, merbau, iron tree, juniper and mahogany.

For instance, some of our craftsmen specialize exactly in kitchen utensils made of juniper: wooden spatulas, spoons, trivets, etc. Other craftsmen in turn make kitchen items of oak and ash tree: sugar bowls, butter and cheese dishes, spatulas, spoons, trivets, etc.

In particular, Latvian craftsmen specialize in making oak cutting and serving boards, wooden trays, wooden spoons and spatulas.

We use the very best, thoroughly selected and tested materials to ensure that you get only the high quality kitchen assistants.

You can also enjoy our high-quality wooden products in various pubs, hotels and guest houses.

Don't miss the chance to get the best Latvian handmade wooden products – we guarantee the high quality of all our goods!

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